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DIY Guide to Growing Your Own Sprouts // Kinfolk

This is such a cute little easy guide for you to be able to grown your own sprouts for salads at home. 



Bodies (2006)

Nadav Kander



Grandpa gets a surprise bulldog puppy for his birthday, something he’s always wanted.

It’s pure happiness for both of them

I’m fucking sobbing.


hipsters are so nice they dont post any dumb comments they just silently reblog posts and appreciate them without any fuckin superwholock gifs


George R. R. Martin is a terrible wedding planner.


Henri Matisse working on The Dance (1910)


Assemble by Blule


etsy find of the day 2 | 4.20.14

gold dots on midnight blue hemp infinity scarf by windwardwearables

made from hemp (how appropriate) and organic cotton, this deep blue infinity scarf is double-sided, super soft, and reminiscent of the night sky. WANT.



Korean version of Western stories — Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Swan Lake, Little Red Riding Hood.

(Cr: Obsidian@Pixiv)

Contemporary Art Week!


do you think clouds look down on people and think “that ones shaped like an idiot”

Favourite Editorials | Little Boy & Girl Lost

Lily Cole, Andrew Garfield and Lady Gaga by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue (2009)


Norway: Lofoten islands | rovinglight

“I wouldn’t necessarily mind people not knowing I’m gay, but I don’t like being thought of as straight — in the same way that I don’t mind people not knowing I’m a writer, but it would be awkward if they assumed I was an extreme skateboarder, because that’s so far removed from the reality of my life. But there is no blank slate where orientation is concerned; we are straight until proven otherwise. And if you’ve never seen how dramatically a conversation can be derailed by a casual admission of homosexuality, let me tell you, it gets awkward.”

My Life as an Invisible Queer - Cosmopolitan (via feministlibrarian)

This speaks to me so much, and is probably the most important part, but let me tell you, I like this bit more:

What would be great, I think, is if I could hire some kind of old-timey town crier to precede me into any room I enter, shouting “Lesbian coming! Lesbian coming this way!” and possibly ringing some kind of bell. Then everyone would already know before our interaction commenced, and they could be pleasant or horrible as the spirit moved them, but at least we’d be communicating from a place of honesty and I wouldn’t have to worry about whether I’ll inadvertently reveal myself.

(via aceadmiral)